Taking a different path in writing

Taking a different path in writing

What's up?

When I started writing in hashnode, I always thought that I should come up with content that was related to tech. Especially since I started to learn about web development through Rails. And hashnode is full of tech people of different stacks.

But they actually said that they're not exclusive to tech. So I figured, since I have a lot of things in mind that I like to address as another human being, I might as well take advantage of the platform. Plus, the UI/UX is already great.


So I'm going to post with various topics like personal blogs, current events, social issues ranging from one's self to family to society. I had spent a lot of time touch-typing on MonkeyType that it came to a point that maybe I should make something out of my 122 wpm typing speed.

I hope my essays can be of value to you, or entertaining at least. And if you happen to want to read more (yay!), be my guest! Gagamit din ako Tagalog para sa aking mga minamahal kong kababayan, pero baka bihira lang.

If you're not a tech person, you can just skip the tech articles. I don't want to remove any more evidence that I've started just because I've failed to be consistent with writing.

For my tech blogs, I think I'll just create another page for that (or host them in GitHub).

Keeping a schedule

I appreciate the subscription feature of hashnode very much. So I was hoping to keep you all posted at least once a week. Hopefully, every Friday at 6:00 PM (+8:00 GMT). So if you're not yet subscribed, consider doing so!

Til then, see ya!